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[IMG]Components Lab Wall Floor Elevation.dwg2017-11-30 15:01 58K 
[IMG]Components Lab Wall Floor Front Elevation.dwg2017-11-30 15:57 71K 
[IMG]Components Lab Wall Floor Plan.dwg2017-11-30 15:08 65K 
[IMG]Reaction Wall and Shake Table Elevation.dwg2017-11-30 15:18 67K 
[IMG]Shake Table.dwg2018-02-13 09:27 90K 
[IMG]StrongTower Front Elevation.dwg2018-06-05 13:05 695K 
[IMG]StrongTower Plan.dwg2018-06-05 13:04 107K 
[IMG]StrongTower Side Elevation.dwg2018-06-05 13:04 525K 
[IMG]Structural Components and Composite Structures Laboratory Base Drawing.dwg2017-11-30 15:34 202K 
[IMG]Structural Systems Laboratory Base Drawing.dwg2017-12-01 09:45 114K 
[IMG]Systems Lab Partial Wall Floor Plan.dwg2017-11-30 15:57 64K 
[IMG]Systems Lab Strong Wall Front Elevation.dwg2017-11-30 15:54 66K 
[IMG]Systems Lab Wall Floor Elevation.dwg2017-11-30 15:52 62K